The Fairies were Godlike children of the Divine Creators of the Universe. These darling children held the lifeforce of our world - Third Sphere -inside of their beating hearts.  But this divine lifeforce faded over time. 

The Fairies were being hunted down and killed by The Fallen, an army of hellions possessed by a dark, vengeful entity known as Inaan, who sought revenge against The Divine Creators for imprisoning it inside the core of Third Sphere itself.  

The Fallen eventually destroyed the Fairies... Except one.  And Inaan cannot fully destroy Third Sphere as long as she lives…


It is up to a group of sellswords bent on killing each other, to put their rivalry aside and form an army, a Vanguard of Third Sphere in order to come together and protect her.

The Fairy and the Sellswords is the first novel from a three-book trilogy titled: Vanguard of Third Sphere. The book series is being written and illustrated by Eddie Smith.